Modular Homes Fit Just Like the Perfect Puzzle

The use of a crane helps to ensure construction jobs run smoothly. Construction crews save a lot of valuable time because all of the heavy lifting is done by use of the crane. When it comes to putting together modular homes, a crane is absolutely necessary.

A modular home is a home constructed of prefabricated sections called modules. The sections are put together in an offsite facility and then delivered to the site where the “puzzle” can be put together. Most modular homes are 85 percent complete before the modules are delivered.

A crane has the job of lifting the modules and placing them in their designated spot on the layout. Modules are typically placed side-by-side, end-to-end or stacked on top of one another. There are a lot of configurations to choose from.

Putting together a module home is pretty much just like what a child does when they play with legos. A design is thought of, a foundation is created and then the tiny blocks are intricately stacked upon each other to form the design.

Just like a puzzle too, if one piece doesn’t fit correctly, the whole puzzle is thrown off. When this happens you have two options, find the right piece to fit or start all over again. A well-designed layout has to be created before the modular home construction can begin.
Crane operators have to follow a strict plan to know exactly where to place the prefabricated modules. When construction is finished, the home should be one cohesive unit, just like a puzzle or lego project.

Here’s a video to watch and see how important a part the crane plays in the putting together of the modular home, If you’re about to begin a modular home construction, contact Astro Crane today to learn more about their crane renting services.