Keep These Things in Mind When Choosing the Right Crane Rental for Your Project


Renting a CraneSo you have an upcoming project where you’ll need to lift and move materials… it’s time to choose the right construction crane for the project. What are some tips for choosing the right crane for your project?

Load Weight 

There are several things to consider when choosing a crane. First and foremost, consider the load weight to be lifted or moved by the crane. Obviously, you will need a crane that has the power and ability to lift and move the load you need carried. When picking the right crane, it should be able to handle the load weight. If the load weight is fairly light, you wouldn’t need a heavy duty crane. If the load weight is heavy, you’d definitely need the kind of crane that can lift heavy loads. While this should be obvious, you’d be surprised at how many people don’t pay enough attention to this, and when they do buy or rent a crane, they are disappointed because it cannot handle the load weight they need it to handle. Just like with anything, proper planning ahead can make all the difference in how well a project goes!

Lift Height

Critical LiftWhat kind of loads will you need to lift and move? Heavy machines are different than, say, a liquid-filled tank. The type of load you have will ultimately help determine the kind of crane you select.

Just like weight matters, so does height. You should know your lift height before using a crane. Consider the length of the crane’s boom. Is it long enough to move loaded materials at the height you need them moved? Keep in mind that if construction is vertical, you’ll want to choose a lift with a longer boom length. You’ll also need to think about weather conditions. On windy days, you don’t want the wind to sway the load which could lead to accidents. Therefore, you’d need to adjust the amount of counterweight according to the lift height.

Moving Distance

What else should you consider when choosing the right crane for your construction project? How about the moving distance? A crane might need to travel some horizontal distance to pick up a load. If that’s the case, you might need a mobile crane with wheels. If there’s a fixed path of movement, one with rails could work. When dealing with traveling, three things especially matter: counterweight, support structure and the stability of the boom. 

On-Site Terrain 

Construction CranesNext up, think about the on-site terrain and how well the crane you have in mind could handle it. If you’re dealing with rough terrain, then a rough terrain crane makes sense since it’s designed for that sort of use. When it comes to flat and firm terrains, truck-mounted cranes work well for both their stability and mobility. Also take into consideration access to the project site: is it easy to drive in and drop off the crane with no problem? Or are there trees or power lines in the way? If the project site is hard to reach, consider using a boom truck crane. You’ll also want to inspect for any safety hazards that might get in the way of your project being successful and safe.


Of course there’s the costs involved, too. Sometimes it makes more sense to rent a crane than to outright buy it. And sometimes people rent-to-buy since they like a particular crane so much and know they’ll get their money’s worth out of it over the long haul. If you have a project that needs the use of a crane for one day out of many days, it would make sense to rent a crane.

There are different types of cranes for different projects, like some of the aforementioned ones. It’s a good idea to research cranes and learn about their different specs, capacities and functionalities. Think about the needs of your construction project and then narrow down your choices of cranes that could work well on the project. There are tower cranes, crawler cranes, boom trucks and more. What type of crane you ultimately get and use depends on a number of factors. 

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