How to Successfully Rig a Crane

Crane Rigging When you’ve got a crane and want to rig it successfully, how do you do that? You’ll need to select the appropriate sling and arrange it correctly for safety’s sake.

Cranes carry heavy loads– the kind that can’t easily be carried by hand. Before a load can be lifted, though, the rigging crew has to make sure the crane and load connect in such a way that the load gets moved as intended and no one gets hurt.

Load Weight

First things first: what’s the weight of the load? Pieces of equipment typically have labels on them, displaying their weight. If and when they don’t, you need to check with the manufacturer or find some way to get an accurate measurement so you know how heavy each item is! Why does weight matter? Because weight determines the sling that’ll be used for the lift.

Securing the Load

Next, a load needs to be secured before it gets lifted into the air. When using a hook, it should be placed directly above the load’s center of gravity. The hook’s safety catches should be in place. It’s a good idea to lift the load “just a little” from the ground to make sure everything’s good before completing the actual lift and move.

If a fabric sling is being used, make sure it’s not weakened in any way– check for knots or cuts. For heavier loads, use wire or chain slings. Slings need to be hitched to the most secure spot of a load, rather than something that could “come off” or become loose.

Communication is Paramount

Finally, when moving an item with a crane, communication between everyone involved is key. If someone doesn’t know what the other person is doing, they’re liable to get hurt. For example, what if someone stupidly walks underneath a load that is moving and that load hits them in the head? Not good. It’s also important for the landing spot to be clear of objects and people… obviously.

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