How to Maintain Construction Cranes in the Summer Heat

Crane Assisting LandscapersIt’s summertime and you know what that means: sunny days and hot temperatures, even in places like Boston, Providence and Hartford. Hot weather isn’t just for Florida! If you’re using or renting a crane in the summer, how can you best take care of it?

Cranes Need Shade Too

Ideally, when it’s sunny and hot outside, do what you can to keep cranes out of the hot sun. Park a crane so it doesn’t directly face the sun. Cover the cranes if possible when they’re being stored so they don’t get direct exposure to UV rays. Covers not only protect cranes from the sun but also stormy weather including heavy rains and winds.

Levels Check

Check various components on a crane during the summer. Make sure they’re working well. Regular inspections should look over wires, hoses, reservoirs, etc. Better yet, check the radiators to see if they’re in good working condition. And, of course, it’s a smart idea to check coolant levels as well as your hydraulic fluid(s).

Certified Eyes

Those who inspect cranes should be both trained and certified. A crane inspection needs to be done by people with the right skills to check the details on the crane. You want an expert– not an amateur– looking over your crane!

Operating Tips

As for workers who have to work in extreme heat, it’s important for them to take breaks in the shade to avoid heatstroke. Wearing sunscreen is important, as is wearing appropriate clothing. Workers have to drink enough water on hot days so they don’t get dehydrated, which could make them lethargic and dizzy– two words you don’t want to associate with crane operation, right?

Safety is paramount anytime of the year– including summertime. Everyone on a job site should be familiar with safe ways to operate a crane.

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