How to Maintain a Crane’s Chain Hoist

Hook of a mobile lifting crane on a construction site

If and when you rent a crane from Astro Crane, you might be dealing with a chain hoist. What are some safety tips for a crane’s chain hoist?

Routine Maintenance

For starters, perform routine maintenance on the crane’s hardware to make sure it’s operating efficiently. Astro Crane does this, and if/when you are in possession of their crane and notice something wrong, ask for it to be fixed. Safety is paramount!

Lubricated Chain

As for the crane’s chain hoist, it’s important that the hoist is clean and lubricated. When you get grit/rust build-up, that chain might not move correctly– or at all. You don’t want a stiff chain. Usually, the chain hoist gets cleaned and oiled once or twice a year– more if necessary.

Wear and Tear

Look for wear and tear. Whether it’s a hand chain, a lever ratchet or differentials, wear and tear is the enemy. A worn out chain won’t be able to rotate properly and that’ll cause you problems.

Daily Checks

When using a crane, the hoist operator (or crane operator) should inspect the equipment daily, before work begins, to make sure things are working properly, including the chain hoist. Furthermore, once a month each crane should have a detailed inspection documenting any issues such as noticeable wear and tear. Every quarter, a service load test should be conducted to see how well the chain hoist works when it lifts objects of different weights, including heavier loads.

Stiffness Levels

Finally, be on the lookout for damaged chains that are kinky, too stiff, “pop” while in use, or seem to be stretched out too much– these are all common signs it’s time for a new chain. If you work with a damaged chain, expect accidents to happen.

Astro Crane takes great care of the cranes it rents out to various companies. For more information, please call Astro Crane at 978-429-8666.