How to Choose the Right Crane For Your Project

Tower CraneDo you need to rent a crane for your next construction project? Before you do, it’s important for you to make sure you choose the right crane based on the work that needs to be done. There are so many different cranes that can come in handy on a construction site. Here is how to go about picking out the correct crane for your specific job.

Think about how high you’ll need the crane to reach.

Is your crane going to be used to help build a skyscraper, or are you going to use it to move things around much closer to the ground? The first thing you should consider when looking around at different cranes is how high you’ll need your crane to reach. If you’re going to be doing a lot of work high up in the air, you’ll need a crane with a long boom as well as enough counterweight to keep your crane balanced when it encounters high winds up in the air.

Figure out how much weight is going to need to be lifted.

Every crane has a different lifting capacity. A crane’s lifting capacity determines how much weight it can pick up without running into any problems. Prior to choosing a crane for a project, it’s a good idea to see how much weight it’s going to need to be able to pick up and move around. You don’t want to rent a crane that can’t deal with the weight of the materials on your job site. You also don’t want to pay for a crane that’s more heavy-duty than you need it to be.

Take a look at the terrain on your worksite.

What kind of terrain is your crane going to be used on? That could potentially have a big impact on which type of crane you should choose. If your crane is going to be asked to pick things up while it’s positioned on unstable ground, you’ll likely want to find one that has a wider base than usual or one that has treads on the bottom of it as opposed to wheels.

Choosing the right crane for a project can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t had to do it much in the past. Astro Crane can help you make the right decision after showing you a variety of crane options. Call us at 978-429-8666 today to start your search.