Here’s How You Use Crane Rentals Safely in Frigid Temperatures

Large Crane and Crane Operator Working On Winter DayDid you know the average high temperature in Boston, MA, in January is 37 degrees? Nearby Hartford, CT, is 36 degrees, and Providence, RI, is 37… in other words– it’s cold in winter in New England.

Astro Crane rents cranes that are used in a variety of situations all over New England, at different times of the year. And when winter comes a callin’, and the weather turns cold, icy and snowy, using cranes calls for special precautions.

How Cold Temperatures Affect Cranes

Keep in mind that cold temps can impact the structural integrity and performance of steel. Did you know steel can become brittle due to colder temperatures? When this happens, the capacity of a steel crane and its hoist equipment can be reduced.

For severe weather conditions, it’s a smart idea to utilize corrosion-resistant hardware, of course, as well as making sure every crane component that needs sealing is indeed sealed and has the reinforcement it needs. Furthermore, machinery should be well-insulated. Severe-duty motors should be able to handle cold temps, and motor strip heaters can help when it’s snowing outside. Meanwhile, it’s important to check to make sure components like brakes, lines and switches are up to their necessary ratings and in good working order. During winter, utilize the right grades of oil and fluids for cranes. Have insulated covers and heaters for tanks on hand. And make sure hoist equipment meets American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ standards for cold-weather operations.

If and when you’re using a crane in the winter and the winds approach dangerous speeds, shut down operations. Get rid of snow and ice on the crane as best you can– perhaps use an enclosed track system for protection… And, importantly, know your crane’s limits and proceed with caution, paying extra attention to what you’re doing for safety’s sake during inclement winter weather.

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