Examples of Safe Crane Operation Practices

Crane Operation Practices Cranes can really come in handy on a construction site. They can help contractors do everything from picking up heavy loads to grabbing building materials and putting them in the right place for installation. Nevertheless, cranes can also pose a big safety risk on a construction site when they aren’t used correctly. Almost 50 people die every year as a result of crane-related injuries. Take a look at some safe crane operating practices below.

Only use certified crane operators.

You shouldn’t allow just anyone to operate a crane on your construction site. Crane operators go through a lengthy training process that teaches them the ins and outs of crane operation. If you don’t have someone on your team who has been certified to operate a crane, hire a crane operator to help you out. You can keep everyone safe and steer clear of costly OSHA penalties by working with a certified crane operator.

Inspect your crane regularly.

Each and every time that you plan on using a crane, you should have your crane operator inspect it for any signs of trouble. Cranes might look like tough, heavy-duty pieces of machinery (and truth be told, they are!), but they can experience their fair share of problems. If something doesn’t look right to your crane operator, shut your crane down and have it inspected further before using it.

Avoid using cranes during inclement weather.

When you’re rushing to work your way through a construction project, you might be tempted to use a crane on a rainy day or a day when it’s particularly windy outside. This is yet another very bad idea. Inclement weather can lead to crane accidents, which can lead to crane injuries and even deaths if things get really bad. You’re better off keeping your crane on standby until the weather gets better.

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