Boom Trucks Vs. Construction Cranes

30 Ton Boom TruckThere are different types of cranes. When most people think of cranes, they imagine the huge ones helping to build skyscrapers somewhere downtown in a large city like Boston, right? But there are actually plenty of different types of cranes, and they’re used for different types of jobs. For instance, there are boom trucks. These are trucks that kind of look like a flatbed truck, except that they are equipped with a rear mounted boom crane. Boom trucks work well for lift jobs up to about 54 tons or so.

Boom Truck Uses

Why do people utilize boom trucks? Well, they’re easily maneuverable around job sites since they drive like regular trucks. Meanwhile, operators like that they can lift cargo with great precision, and generally at a faster rate than working with, say, larger vehicles or cranes. They’re great for stacking items quickly.

Unlike typical cranes, boom trucks don’t have a counterweight. Some boom trucks may have a loading basket, which helps lift workers to inaccessible heights.

Traditional Cranes

When there are heavy lifting jobs to be done, that’s where traditional cranes are brought in since they can handle heavier lifts. Keep in mind that cranes use chains, cables, ropes and a winder. Whether fixed or mobile, cranes come in many shapes and sizes, including “crawlers,” conventional trucks (which, unlike boom trucks, can lift over 1,000 tons), rough terrain, all-terrain,  hydraulic, etc.

In New England, Astro Crane rents out a variety of equipment. For instance, there’s the 30 ton boom truck. More specifically, it’s an Elliot 30105-D with four boom sections and a 105-foot telescopic boom length. It also has a 20,000 ft/lb hydraulic auger, along with wireless radio remote controls and an integrated LMI display. Astro Crane also offers several more rentals, as seen here.

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