Benefits of using a mobile crane

Mobile cranes have a unique advantage over tower cranes because of their mobility.


Obviously, that’s a big advantage our mobile cranes have over stationary cranes, but there’s more than just being able to move freely if necessary. It’s about lifting, fitting into small places, set up time, how long the crane will be in use, and where the crane will be used.


Let’s take a look at some of the advantages mobile cranes have over tower cranes.


9They don’t need a lot of space – Construction sites used to be large and cumbersome when it came to building a tower or other kind of facility. But when there’s construction in an urban area, they need to be tight and tidy. Tower cranes take up too much space when used in construction of a building that can’t have an extensive construction site. Mobile crane needs a fraction of the space tower cranes need.


In no time flat – You know how many steps are involved in constructing a tower crane for use? A lot more than a mobile crane. Set up time is very quick. If in need for a quick job, the mobile crane can drive up, get secure, and hoist its boom and begin work. Tower cranes need to be prepped and built up. Mobile cranes just need a little space to be stabilized. This means work can begin quicker and projects can be completed faster.


Mobile CraneStill strong – Don’t let our mobile cranes fool you, they’re able to lift just as much as a tower crane. With multiple axles and advancements in technology concerning hydraulic power, these cranes can still lift thousands upon thousands of tons at incredible heights. Power is not an issue with our mobile cranes.


Quick fix – If you’re in need for a day job that involves a crane, give us a call. We can deploy one of our wide-selection of cranes for use for just a day or a week. Why spend time building a tower crane when the job might only take a few lifts? When you’re in bind with time, and just need a little fix, call the mobile crane experts at ASTROcrane!