Wind Power And Turbines

One of the areas where we’ve worked in the past is wind turbine assembly.  Wind power is a newer source of energy and becoming increasingly popular across the country.  The alternative energy source uses natural wind energy to generate electric power using a wind turbine to generate the power. In some areas, large wind farms consist of hundreds of individual wind turbines connected to electric power transmission networks. Compared to fossil fuels, wind power offers a much more efficient, clean, renewable, plentiful and widely distributed source of energy. It uses relatively little land and no greenhouse gas emissions during operation.


Although the support for wind power has continued to climb, there is still skepticism in regards to initiating and implementing a wind power project. Aesthetics as well as cost generally prohibit a unanimous decision to create a wind farm in certain communities.


For AstroCrane, we enjoy putting these large wind turbines into use and helping them become operable. The tower heights on wind turbines vary based on aerodynamic modeling. The most frequently used wind tower in the United States is a 1.5MW turbine, which is around 260 feet high. As you can imagine, working with a structure of this height requires a crane rental to properly put the components into place, but in the near future, more and more wind towers, turbines and farms will pop across New England as well as Massachusetts.


According to a report from the Massachusetts government, wind power across the state should increase by 2020. “Notable policies include a Renewable portfolio standard that requires 22% of the state’s electricity to come from renewable sources by 2020 and a goal of installing 2,000 MW of wind power in the state by 2020.”