What Can Renters Do With a Boom Truck?

30 Ton Boom Truck

A boom truck has many uses. For example, it can be used as a crane, a flatbed truck or a personnel hoist, lifting workers high up in the air. Thanks to its hydraulic extension that can be used for various hoists, a boom truck is a versatile vehicle. Its capacity depends on how much tonnage it’s made to handle as well as the length of its boom.

Using a Boom Truck For Your Next Construction Project

Why would you use a boom truck? What if you had to lift a really heavy air conditioner up on top of a building? You don’t want to carry a 800-pound piece of equipment up the stairs to the roof, right? Of course not! That’s where a boom truck comes in handy. What if you also had to transport that heavy item from one place to another, over the highways and roads of several towns? Well, the boom truck can also function as a flatbed truck for hauling heavy items. Once you get to your destination, and you want to hoist workers up in the air to help install the air conditioner or other heavy piece of equipment atop a building, you can use the man-basket on the truck to get the workers safely “up there,” rather than using a ladder or having to operate a man-lift.

Boom Trucks Are Mobile and Versatile

 Boom trucks are mobile, so they can travel on roads like normal cars or trucks would, and this makes them especially valuable in the world of cranes. Practical in price, they’re a popular rental for many jobs.

30-Ton-Boom-TruckMany municipalities use boom trucks to take care of various jobs around villages, towns and cities. These jobs can include working on telephone poles, electrical systems, street lamps, transmission towers, etc.

Air conditioners were mentioned before, but boom trucks are also known to transport and lift other items, such as heavy pieces of furniture and appliances. Repairmen and maintenance workers often use boom trucks to do their work, as do construction workers and inspectors. When fruit needs to be picked high up in certain trees, boom trucks can come in handy. Arborists can use them to inspect the tops of trees.

Some common residential/home uses for boom trucks include constructing new homes, roof work, house cleaning, and tree care.

Thinking about renting a boom truck? Astro Crane of New England has them! When you plan to call and ask about renting a boom truck, here are some things to keep in mind… What’s your budget? When do you need the boom truck? Can it reach the site you have in mind? How much weight do you need to lift? How long does the boom/jib need to be? These are some key questions.

Renting a boom truck is oftentimes the most cost-efficient, useful option for many purposes. For more info about renting a boom truck in the New England region, call Astro Crane at 978-429-8666 or use the online contact form.