Training for Crane Operators

A crane driver is working on the construction site.Are you thinking about becoming a crane operator? If you plan to work on industrial, commercial and/or building sites, and you want to be “in charge,” then you’ll need to receive some professional training in order to operate a crane safely and effectively.


What are some of the characteristics of a good crane operator? He or she must be an excellent communicator, have great depth perception and understand the equipment that’s being used.

Strong Demand

There is a need for crane operators. Since modern construction often requires cranes as buildings go higher and higher, crane operators are in high demand. Therefore, if you successfully train to become a crane operator, you shouldn’t have to worry about finding work– the jobs are plentiful.

State Requirements

Did you know most states (and some cities) require crane operators to be licensed? Make sure to check and see what’s required for crane operators in the region where you live and want to work. Training can help you obtain that license.

Is college required? No. You could train to be a crane operator right out of high school and start earning a paycheck fairly quickly. High school classes generally provide basic science and math knowledge that crane operators need. Those classes, coupled with training in a/the specialty later on, help make a good crane operator even better at their job.

Training Classes

Whether you take training classes or apprenticeships, keep in mind that much of the work you’ll do is hands-on. While you’ll learn about the physics behind crane operation in class, you’ll also actually spend time using a simulator or crane to practice on, gaining real world experience.

Working With the Right Cranes

Once you train to become a crane operator, you can decide to focus on operating specific types of cranes and/or working on specific types of operations. There’s a nice variety of work-related opportunities, including flexible hours.

Are you looking for a job or a new career? Consider becoming a crane operator, or call an expert crane operator for your next New England project.