Here’s Why You May Need a Boom Crane For Your Next Construction Project

30 Ton Boom TruckA boom crane has a long fixed or hydraulic arm that’s used to move large objects in construction. Boom cranes are versatile and efficient, so they’re ubiquitous. You might have seen them in use unloading cargo at ports, for example. 

What are some reasons to use a boom crane?
When you have something very heavy to lift and move, a boom crane can do it. Boom cranes can often handle several hundred tons! Meanwhile, because they’re big, long and strong, they can do work faster and more efficiently than smaller machinery– or manual labor. Some boom cranes are mounted on trucks which means they’re quite mobile and accessible to job sites. Other boom cranes are mounted on stationary platforms to handle repetitive tasks in one spot. Either way, boom cranes offer precise control to move loads. They’re generally safe and reliable thanks to up-to-date control systems and well-trained operators. 

Boom cranes can be used for a variety of purposes; When they’re “boom trucks,” they can be used for more than just lifting heavy loads for construction purposes. For instance, they can be used to hoist electricians up in the air to work on electrical lines. Or they can be used to change light bulbs or maintain signs that are high up in the air. In landscaping, boom cranes can be used to get to the top of trees, cut them down, and haul logs. In emergency situations, boom cranes are used to get people to/from the tops of buildings. Meanwhile, if buildings are higher than three stories, boom cranes help painters and window washers reach the high stories. 

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