Experience is Key When Selecting a Crane Operator

Experienced crane operator getting in her cab If you had a classic car that you’ve spent hours and hours working on, would you trust your 16-year-old nephew to drive it? Probably not. Why? Because a 16-year-old does not have much (if any) experience driving cars. The same idea applies to operating cranes. Would you trust an expensive piece of machinery in the hands of someone who has never climbed inside a cab before and has no idea what they’re doing? Of course not!

Experience Matters When Selecting a Crane Operator

Experience is key when selecting a crane operator. You want to hire and utilize someone who is very familiar with the crane you’re using, because otherwise there could be accidents that lead to serious injuries or deaths. Furthermore, time is money on a site. You don’t want to be wasting time with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing; Experience is key!

Crane operators get paid good money to do their job professionally and safely. Did you know the average crane operator makes about $64K a year? It’s obviously an important job on a construction site, and it also brings with it a lot of responsibility.

Experienced crane operators know all about how equipment works. They can look at a machine and diagnose a problem in some cases. They know what buttons and levers do. They’ve read books about crane operation. They’ve heard lectures. They’ve attended classes. They’ve been an apprentice. They took the time to get a certificate and/or license or whatever it is that was needed to be taken seriously on the job. And then they went to work, day after day, learning as they went, gaining valuable knowledge and experience that a newbie just doesn’t have.

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