A Change in Requirements for Certifying Crane Operators

Crane Operators The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, better known as OSHA, is responsible for ensuring that all employers provide their employees with workplaces that are safe. Safety is obviously of the utmost importance on job sites, and OSHA’s job is to go out and find any employers that aren’t making safety a priority and do something about it.

OSHA plays an important role in the safety of the crane industry, and they are continuously reevaluating certain rules they have on the books regarding cranes and adjusting them as they see fit. They did this back in August 2010 when they issued a final cranes and derricks rule, which called for employers in the construction industries to comply with certain requirements as far as certifying crane operators.

However, there were some concerns about the rule that was put into place, and OSHA has been trying to figure out a solution ever since. They published a separate rule in September 2014, which extended crane operator certification and competency requirements by three years. And in November 2017, they issued a final rule that set November 10, 2018 as the date that all those in the construction industries will need to comply with crane operation certification requirements. The final rule came just one day before the requirement for certification was scheduled to go into effect, and the thought is that the extra year will give OSHA the time it needs address additional concerns about the certification rule.

If you work for a company that utilizes cranes regularly, you should pay close attention to how OSHA proceeds from here on out. Astro Crane is constantly monitoring the industry and keeping an eye on OSHA and its many guidelines. To learn more about how this OSHA ruling could affect you or to inquire about renting a crane through Astro Crane, call us at 978-429-8666 today.